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Drive Nitro Rollator with Seat

Walkers, Canes, and Rollators are very popular options for folks who have the ability to walk, but need assistance with gait, balance and/or strength. A Cane is the simplest option with the lowest cost, but it provides the least support. We suggest to most that while a cane is handy, if balance or strength is an issue it may not be the best option for you.

Walkers without seats are simple in design, they are light-weight and are very portable. They are also considerably lower in cost than a Rollator with a seat.

A Rollator is a walker with a seat. A Rollator is for those who need to be able to take a seat to rest as they move about. They are not meant to replace an actual wheelchair, but provide an alternate option for those who aren't needing to be wheelchair bound.

Your doctor will need to provide a prescription if you would like to use your healthcare benefits and insurance. We have a wide selection of Walkers, Rollators and Canes in our store. We welcome you to come see the options and find the best product for you.


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