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Stair Lifts

linebreak1Do you have difficulty moving between the different levels of your home?

Would you like to feel safer and more in control of how you move about your home?

We are authorized BrunoTM, HarmarTM and SavariaTM Stair Lift dealers! 

Our process starts with your call. We will schedule an evaluation of the stairs it will be installed on. After our evaluation is completed we provide you with an estimate on your costs. The price of a stair lift can vary significantly depending on the type, the length of the rail needed, and how it has to be installed. 

Our technicians typically install an average straight stair lift in less than a day! 

We also install Stair Lifts in public buildings, churches and community centers!

If you need assistance with your existing Stair Lift we can also help with that.

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